“I encourage all college students from all over the country to actively participate in this competition so that the spirit of Creativity and Innovation is promoted in young minds.”.

Dr. Tessy Thomas,
Missile Woman of India.


  • Projects have to be submitted through college in the prescribed format.
  • Project Type: Product/Process
  • Provide description about the project and technology used.
  • Furnish student and college contact details.
  • Upload needed photos, videos, sketches of the project.


What is Innovation and social entrepreneurship

Innovation can simply be described as a new idea, device or method which is useful and scalable to appropriate levels. It should have certain distinctiveness over existing similar products/ devices/ methods and which helps to improve output or efficiency, enables multi-functionality and reduces drudgery etc.

Why is Innovation and social entrepreneurship necessary?

Innovation and social entrepreneurship are necessary not only to maintain competitive advantage but growth and development of institutions, industries and countries in a global world. It improves products, processes and services and thereby, the quality of life of people.

Who can participate

The competition will be held common for UG & PG students of Arts & Science Colleges. Nomination and presentation can be done by either by one person or by a team (comprising a maximum of five students) and the award goes to that person or the team.

The submitted projects will pass through a peer review process. The selected project group will be invited to showcase their project with demonstrated model during the event. The best three projects will be awarded with cash prizes along with 10 consolation prizes. Further all the selected projects work will be published in a proceeding/book form with ISBN number.

Scoring Criteria

The content of various ideas and innovative solutions have to be proposed and the application/implementation process has to be clearly outlined.

The proposed work needs to be innovative. The project should explore technological tools or methods that are new to industry with practical approach, adapted to local constraints.

The scalability and sustainability plan should clearly describe how the activities and their innovative outcomes will impact stakeholders.

Project Timeline

8th Dec 2019

Announcement of competition

15th Feb 2020

Last date of submission of project(s)

22nd Feb 2020

Confirmation of participation for presentation

28th Feb 2020

Presentation of projects and Awarding the winners


1. Participants must be bonafide students of Arts, Commerce and Science Colleges in India.
2. Only one submission per student/team (team consists of maximum of 5 students).
3. Online registration is mandatory for all participants.